Underwriting Advocacy for Trustees & Private Clients


We can get you the best insurance for the best price, based on your needs. We do this through our underwriting advocacy. In the context of life insurance underwriting, “advocacy” means working on your behalf to:

    • Negotiate with carriers to get you the best offers.
    • Avoid unnecessary tests or gathering of medical records.
    • Match you to the correct underwriting pathway for your needs and risk profile.


You’re unique. Your underwriting should be, too.



Life insurance underwriting includes an examination of your health, work, what you do for fun, and your financial profile by an insurance company to assign a “risk class” for your policy. The risk class directly impacts the required premium for your coverage. A more favorable risk class will result in a lower required premium. Carriers price risk differently, and offers may vary widely across carriers. We strive to direct you to a carrier best suited for your specific situation.

Because we have our own underwriters, we are able to work with carriers to get you customized proposals from them that may meet your needs. Alternatively, it may be to your advantage to explore and evaluate multiple offers before committing to one or more carriers, and we can help you do that. We can also evaluate how proposed policies from other insurance companies may or may not help you meet your needs and goals. 

To learn more about how our underwriting advocacy services work and to understand how they could be helpful to you, read Chapter 8 of the book, Life Insurance 10X, the chapter written by our CEO and Founder, John Williams, below: 


Download a copy of the “Life Insurance 10X” chapter John authored by clicking the button below.

To see how our underwriting advocacy services could help you meet your specific needs and goals, fill out our contact form below and we will reply to you and discuss how underwriting advocacy may be able to help you.

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