Interested in Investment Management with CFG?


We manage investments for you according to your needs, values, goals and desires and make sure that they’re performing as needed. Even a 1% difference in investment return can significantly matter over time.

Our investment management services are fee-based and are based upon a percentage of an account value. That means we may earn more if your account value increases. However, because we are a fiduciary, we have a responsibility to put your financial interests ahead of our own.

As a Valmark Advisers member firm, we offer our clients exclusive access to TOPS®, one of the longest-running and most successful ETF portfolio management programs in the country. The TOPS® method is to diversify among asset classes that are designed to reduce investor risk and maximize returns using closely-monitored ETFs. We call this, Active Indexing.

TOPS® uses a variety of risk-based portfolios, composed primarily of ETFs that represent numerous asset classes – from conservative to aggressive. For more detailed information about TOPS® and their process, see the TOPS® brochure.

You can get started in the TOPS® Core program by investing as little as $10,000.


Want to see how different asset classes perform in the TOPS® Program?

This Callan Chart, provided by Valmark Advisers, demonstrates historical asset class performance and clearly illustrates how the performance of each asset class changed over time:

This is the latest Callan Chart for the TOPS Fund.