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Jonathan Williams is a proud graduate of Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts. While there, he studied stem cell research, stem cells, designed two versions a new kind of hinge, and taught Arabic according to an immersion-based language and cultural studies program he created. He also proposed a small-Dollar fundraising method that increased alumni participation and engagement significantly and was used by Hampshire College for many years.

After college, he co-created what became The Small Business Tax Relief & Retirement Restoration Act with his father, John Williams, so that small business owners would not have to be penalized by having to pay taxes on funds they were forced to withdraw from their personal retirement accounts to keep their businesses afloat during the 2008 Financial Crisis. That became H.R. 1661 and was introduced on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives on April 15th, 2011, by Congresswoman Niki Tsongas, in the 112th Congress.

As a result of that, Jonathan was privileged to become a Congressional Intern for
Congresswoman Tsongas, where he was asked to do staff-level work and assist staffers with policy-specific research and work. He wrote many Decision Memos on many different policy areas and a comprehensive analysis on Global and Territorial Taxation, that included a comprehensive analysis of each taxation system and which became a Background Memo.

He also completed a project to evaluate the harm caused to the public by not having access to the same credit scores lenders use that was supposed to take three months in two weeks, and that report led to him being asked to propose three alternatives to the current credit-scoring methods, which staff assured him they would attempt to make law.

After his internship, Jonathan began working part-time for Capital Formation Group, (mainly by making cold calls to prospective clients and creating sales pitches). He also submitted two proposals to The House Energy & Commerce Committee that would allow Congress to end the debate over stem cell research by showing how human embryonic stem cells could be harvested from a developing embryo without damaging or destroying it in any way (both proposals were well-received). He also proposed and help implement a transportation program for people in Carlisle, Massachusetts who can’t drive that still exists today.

In 2019, Jonathan played a crucial role in saving Hampshire College by organizing and encouraging alumni donations after Hampshire was plunged into dire financial straits by an incompetent and corrupt administration. As a result of his efforts, along with the efforts of many alumni and other members of Hampshire College’s community, Hampshire College still exists today.

Now, Jonathan oversees many of Capital Formation Group’s online services for clients. He also proposed the re-design of Capital Formation’s website, which led directly to the website you’re using now and proposed the creation and use of online intake forms and social media use as part of a new online sales strategy, in spite of his complete lack of experience in online sales (this would not have been possible without the invaluable assistance, insight and expertise of his aunt, Christine Williams).

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